The law firm CASTELO BRANCO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, headquartered in São Paulo, provides highly specialized criminal law services since the 1960s.

Tales Castelo Branco, nationally recognized due to the fearless and successful defense of his clients even in the most acute moments of the Brazilian military dictatorship, when he acted boldly on behalf of many political prisoners, leads CASTELO BRANCO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS. Furthermore, as Vice-President of the Federal Bar Association of Brazil and President of the Institute of Lawyers of São Paulo, he contributed decisively to the improvement of Law practice and the relationship among lawyers, the Courts and the Public Ministry.

Since the early 1990s, with the enactment of a number of new laws aimed at combating the so-called economic crimes, CASTELO BRANCO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS also focused in the defense of companies, their partners and managers, with the important contribution of Fernando Castelo Branco, who post-graduated from PUC-SP, where he is Regents Teacher of criminal Procedural Law. He is also the author of the book A pessoa jurídica no processo penal (Legal Entities and the criminal procedure), among other legal papers.

CASTELO BRANCO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS is formed by partners and highly specialized lawyers in criminal matters, representing national and multinational companies, in matters relating to tax evasion, economic and financial crimes, unfair competition, crimes against the national financial system, money laundering, environmental crimes and antitrust. With the same distinction, CASTELO BRANCO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS defends the interests of individuals and public authorities in the various criminal spheres, with outstanding performance before Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry and Jury.

Counting also with corresponding law firms in the main cities in Brazil and abroad, CASTELO BRANCO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS stands out on quality and customer service, advising and defending clients with recognized competence.