Criminal Litigation

The office Castelo Branco Advogados Associados acts in defense of individual and corporate interest in all branches of criminal law, notably in the area of Economic Criminal Law. The office Castelo Branco represents clients during the administrative, police and in court, the defense or the prosecution service, in all instances, with outstanding performance to the courts, including the adoption of measures to obtain the freedom of prisoners defendants and for the release of goods, rights and values subject to constricting precautionary measures.

Advisory Criminal

The office Castelo Branco Advogados Associados acts in the advisory area, preparing technical studies, legal opinions and legal opinions in various fields of criminal law. The Castelo Branco Office also advises clients about the possible repercussions of the company's activities in the field incriminating.

Criminal Compliance

The compliance program seeks to develop measures and procedures to prevent, detect and combat fraud related to violation of guidelines set by the Anti-Corruption Law (12,846 / 13), the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - FCPA and the UK Bribery Act, among others. The office Castelo Branco Law Firm advises companies on identifying key risk areas; the development and implementation of codes of ethics, establishing strict standards of procedure, or review and improvement of existing programs; in employee training, promoting corruption prevention initiatives at all levels of government; and the development of internal control systems.

Due Diligence Criminal

The Due Diligence is the process of investigation and audit of certain company information, in order to confirm the data available to your potential buyers or investors. In the process of Due Diligence conducted by Criminal Office Castelo Branco Advogados Associados, clears up independently, the existence, in criminal cases, investigative procedures and criminal proceedings related to crimes against the tax system, against the economic order, against national financial system, against consumer relations, against the capital market, against industrial and intellectual property, against the environment, bankruptcy crimes, bidding, computer and money laundering, among others, involving the target company or invested as well as their partners, directors and key employees. The scope of work is not limited to location investigative procedures or criminal actions, but also to the preparation of legal opinion on the case identified and implications for the company, of any conviction.